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Talented and Gifted

What is Talented and Gifted (TAG)?

Talented and Gifted are individuals who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude or competence in one or more domains.

The program also known as Extended Learning in the Burlington Community School District has been separated into three categories for the different grade levels.

Extended Learning Program
 Grades   K – 5
Extended Learning Opportunities
 Grades  6 – 8
Extended Learning Sservices
 Grades  9 - 12

Extended Learning Mission Statement

The mission of the Burlington Community School District’s Extended Learning Department, in cooperation with staff, families, and the community, is to provide instructional opportunities to challenge students’ thinking and creativity and to promote skills needed to become a self-directed learner and problem solver.

Extended Learning Philosophy

The Burlington Community School District believes that there are students who have exceptional abilities, talents and potential whose needs may not be met by the regular curriculum. The Extended Learning Department provides each of these students with the opportunity to develop to the fullest extent, being limited only by the individual’s capacity for growth.

Each student should have the opportunity to develop the skills, concepts, and attitudes necessary to pursue his/her interests through participation in activities appropriate to his/her level of achievement.

Identification Procedures

The district uses a multi-step process to screen and identify students who perform or show potential to perform at high levels of accomplishment in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creativity, and visual and/or performing arts. The system for identifying students for services is based upon multiple criteria. The Extended Learning identification team reviews  the collection of qualitative and quantitative data to determine programming options for students who have demonstrated  need.

ELP Identification



ELO Identification

Middle School


ELS Identification

High School

Delivery of Services

Extended  Learning is flexible and responsive to individual needs. It includes a variety of options for developing each student’s abilities. The programming options vary from the elementary through the high school level, but all are part of a continuum of services.

Elementary School Programming


Middle School Programming


High School Programming


Kim Harmon
ELP Coordinator
753.6791 ext. 1413

Terri Van Hagen 
ELP Teacher at North Hill and Black Hawk
753.6363 ext. 2815 (NH) and 753.5300 ext. 2233 (BH) 

Susan Weinbeck
ELP Teacher at Sunnyside and Corse
753.5244 ext. 2440 (S) and 753.2707 ext. 2061 (C)

Julie Coleman       
ELP Teacher at Grimes and K-1 Coordinator
753.0420 ext. 2655

Katie Salisbury
ELP Teacher at Aldo Leopold and Edward Stone   
752.8390 ext. 3129 (AL) and 752.4393 ext. 5307 (ES)

Craig Fleece       
ELP Teacher at Burlington High School 
753.2211 ext. 1110