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The Burlington Community School District offers a comprehensive orchestra program for its students.  Instruction begins in 4th grade where students are able to choose which of the four string instruments they would like to play (violin, viola, cello, and bass).  The program continues and promotes the growth of each student through high school.  Each student receives individual as well as group instruction.

Our beginning students have weekly individual lessons with their teacher.  There are also weekly group lessons that happen before or after school at each individual elementary school.  The beginner orchestra students have 3 main concerts a year as well as performances in their own schools and solo festivals.

Middle School Orchestra is a combined group with both Aldo Leopold and Edward Stone students.  They meet three times a week for 35 minutes.  Each school is bussed to BHS at the end of the day.  These students also have individual lessons once a week at their own buildings.  The Middle School Orchestra students have 3 main concerts a year.  These students also tour the elementary schools during the holiday times, attend honors orchestras, and participate in solo festivals.

The Burlington High School String Orchestra meets every morning.  The String Orchestra puts on 5 concerts a year, participates in multiple festivals, and Large Group State Contest.  The students also have the opportunity to audition for and participate in All-State Music Festival, Honors Orchestras, and State Solo and Ensemble Contest.  The BHS Full Orchestra incorporates the top band students into the orchestra, meeting once a week beginning 2nd quarter.  The Full Orchestra presents 3 concerts a year.

High School Orchestra students also have the chance to participate in Chamber Orchestra, quartets, Kennedy Honors Orchestra, SEISTA Honors Orchestra, All-State Music Festival, State Solo and Ensemble Contest, and Southeast Iowa String Festival.