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Superintendent - Attendance Information

posted Jul 2, 2018, 2:25 PM by Brian Johnson

Attendance Information

From Superintendent Pat M. Coen

We all know attendance is incredibly important to being successful. When students miss two school days per month, they will miss a total of approximately 20 days throughout the school year, and this equates to chronic absenteeism. Further, there is an undeniable direct relationship between chronic absenteeism and poor academic achievement. Attendance matters, beginning in preschool. Our Grayhound Way initiative is a direct effort to educate our students, parents and community of the necessity of instilling three fundamental tenets of self-discipline in our children: 1. Be where you are supposed to be & on time. 2. Be prepared with your work completed and turn it in. 3. Be respectful to teachers, staff and classmates. Be a Grayhound!

Research proves that good attendance leads to exceptional academic performance. Consistent, day-in and day-out, attendance in preschool and kindergarten prepares our children for success in first grade. Likewise, first grade prepares our children for success in second grade and obviously continues through our children's collective PK-12th grade experiences. Consider The Grayhound Way, which is reinforced within our Raising Grayhounds, Grayhound Parade of Excellence, Steps To Success, Club M, and Get Your 12 Initiatives. All are directly focused on developing and strengthening the fundamental tenets of self-discipline stated above. By instilling these fundamental tenets of self-discipline in our students, they will obtain success in academics, employment and life in general. Moreover, our graduates will eventually model and teach these fundamental tenets of self-discipline to their children. Additionally, it is important to note these efforts are strengthened by the supportive relationships and enriching conversations individual teachers, administrators and support staff cultivate with our children each and every day. However, our children cannot partake in, or be cultivated by these professional relationships or engage in enriching conversations if they are not in school!

BCSD understands there are times when a student must be absent due to illness or an emergency. With that said, I’m challenging our families and community to support The Grayhound Way and work toward five or less absences per school year. Collectively we can, and will greatly improve attendance through consistent reinforcement of the fundamental tenets of self-discipline: 1. Be where you are supposed to be & on time. 2. Be prepared with your work completed and turn it in. 3. Be respectful to teachers, staff and classmates. Be a Grayhound! It is true our school district has a strong curricular spiral, but this system doesn’t work when a child is chronically absent. The good news is through joint efforts, our schools, families and community will successfully instill the fundamental tenets of self-discipline. In doing so, we will collectively improve our children’s lives. Burlington Community School District has great teachers, and be being consistently in class, on time and asking for help in a sincere and respectful manner, help and support will be provided. Parents, if you need help installing these three fundamentals of self-discipline in your child, please contact your child’s school and we will help you. We are in this together and together we will accomplish great things! Please contact your child’s school if you would like help: Black Hawk Elementary 319-753-5300 / Corse Elementary 319-753-2707 / Grimes Elementary 319-753-0420 / North Hill Elementary 319-753-6363 / Sunnyside Elementary 319-753-5244 / Aldo Leopold Middle School 319-752-8390 / Edward Stone Middle School 319-752-4393 / Burlington High School 319-753-2211 or go to and click on schools to contact your child’s school.
Brian Johnson,
Jul 2, 2018, 2:25 PM