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"School in Need of Assistance"

As reported by the Iowa Department of Education, "Under NCLB, public school districts and public schools must report the academic progress of all students in grades 3 to 8 and 11 and students by subgroups and their test participation rates in the subject areas of reading and mathematics. Public elementary and middle school average daily attendance (ADA) rates and public high school graduation rates are the additional indicators for public school districts.

If a school does not meet the annual AYP state participation goals or state Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) in reading or mathematics assessment in either the “all students” group or any one of the subgroups for two consecutive years, it is designated as a school in need of assistance, which is also referred to as SINA. SINA schools that receive Title I funds are required to comply with NCLB sanctions, which include writing a plan, offering school choice, etc.  For additional details about sanctions, please see the “SINA Timeline” below.  If you are a SINA school that does not receive Title I funds, you would not have to comply with NCLB sanctions, although it may be advantageous to work through the planning process."

SINA 1 School Choice Letter

SINA 2 School Choice Letter

William Brackett,
Aug 20, 2016, 2:26 PM