Message from Superintendent Pat Coen

Welcome to beautiful and historic Burlington, Iowa!

Burlington Community School District (BCSD) is a progressive preschool through twelfth grade public school district that works tirelessly to provide a wide variety of opportunities for students and is dedicated to our mission and vision. BCSD’s strong and methodical preschool through college level curricular strands, combined with family support and excellent attendance, will prepare your child for multitudes of success; combined with BCSD’s caring, committed and student centered staff who pour their hearts and souls into creating active, relevant and personal learning for our children. Thereby, we are advancing humanity and democracy as we teach each and every child in our classrooms.

BCSD’s mission is “Inspire and challenge students through diverse opportunities.” As Superintendent of BCSD, my vision is “Burlington Community School District strives to have a profoundly positive impact on each student’s adult quality of life brought about by students’ individual and collective educational experiences.” To do so, BCSD collaborates with higher education, community partnerships, families and support agencies to best serve children by bringing balance and alignment to education, our community, cultures, as well as geographical economies.

BCSD has recently transitioned to trimesters, and in doing so, we have increased class enrollment opportunities by 28% at our middle schools and high school. This equates to more options, more core classes, more electives, more college classes, more apprenticeships, more fine arts, and more for all children as they move toward their dreams, goals and aspirations. When a freshmen comes to BHS with a plan and a solid work ethic, they have the opportunity to reduce the cost of a BA/BS by 40%, thereby reducing student loans upon graduating college by almost half. What an advantage as a young person transitioning into adulthood, whether starting a career or venturing on to graduate school! This level of opportunity is true for all students, whatever pathway their heart and mind finds inspiring, passionate and their personification. Students can, do, and will accomplish great things in Burlington Schools!

Burlington Community School District offers fine arts, athletics, clubs, diverse volunteer opportunities, apprenticeships, leadership development, and is technologically rich, along with supportive and growth focused learning environments. Burlington is truly a terrific place to learn, teach, work, play, and develop lifelong friendships. Most importantly, Burlington is a great place to raise a family and be part of a welcoming opportunity-based community.  

Burlington Community School District looks forward to serving our students, families and community as we improve our world through each and every child in our classrooms.

Patrick M. Coen


Burlington Community School District

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